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  • Welcome To The All New SchnittShow.com
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Friday, September 30, 2016
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Friday, September 30, 2016
  [Video] - Here Is Donald Trump's Newly Released Videotaped Deposition
  [Video] - The Comments That Started It All
  The Lawsuit Surrounding Trump's Newly Released Deposition Video
  10 years later, Twitter still isn't close to making money
  Twitter Investors Could End Up Disappointed If The Social Media Platform is Sold
  Is Facebook Dying A Slow Death?
  Schnitt's Son's old guinea pig graces the profile picture of Schnitt on Facebook
  Mark Cuban Makes Twitter Prediction
  Trump Responds to Twitter Police
  Trump also went after Hillary and Machado for much of the night
  Hillary Responded To Trump on Twitter, Defending Alicia Machado
  [Video] - Clinton accuses Trump of having a 'meltdown' and being 'unhinged' in tweet storm of her own
  Hillary Staves Off A Coughing Fit in Ft. Pierce
  Is Tinder in Trouble? Users Flee Hook-Up App Amid Rise in Fake Accounts

Listeners Think Schnitt's Machado Impression Sounds Like Sophia Vergara
Thursday, September 29, 2016
  [Video] - Hoboken train crash: 1 dead, more than 100 injured
  [Photo] - Hoboken Train Crash - Early Images From Twitter/ WOR
  [Video] - NJ Gov.: Train engineer critically injured in crash
  Trump Advisors: We Tried to Prepare Him For Debate, But He Got Bored
  Trump advisers weigh putting Christie in charge of debate prep
  Maybe having Roger Ailes advise Donald Trump on debate strategy wasn't the best idea
  Trump angry at allies conceding he lost debate
  Trump Claims He Saved Machado's Job Rather Than Shifting Narrative
  From August, Still Applies: Is Trump throwing the election to Clinton?
  Trump Campaign Memo Tells Surrogates To Bring Up Clinton Sex Scandals
  Yup, now the iPhone 7 is exploding
  Samsung washing machines can 'blow apart' if overloaded
  Investigators may probe Cascade Mall suspect's citizenship status, voting record
  Arcan Cetin Had Blogs Tied To Islamic State Terror Group
  Ted Cruz Offers To Help Trump With Debate Prep
  Comey Says Cheryl Mills Asked That Her Laptop Not Be Used Against Her Criminally
  [Video] - If Hillary Wins, Chris Hansen Should Follow Bill Around 'To Catch A Predator'
  Appeals judges uphold Borgata weight rules in 'babes' suit
  [Video] - Johnson Has Another 'Aleppo Moment'
  [Video] - Obama Tells Gold Star Mom That 'Radical Islamic Terrorism' is a 'Manufactured Issue'
  Gary Johnson Takes Schnitt's Advice on World Leader Question
  [Video] - Trump Slams First Presidential Debate: 'What A Rigged Deal'
Wednesday, September 28, 2016
  At least 3 injured after shooting at South Carolina elementary school
  [Video] - 2 students, teacher injured in shooting at Townville Elementary School
  Capitol Hill overrides Obama's veto on 'Sue the Saudis' 9/11 bill
  Congress rejects Obama veto on 9/11 bill; first override of his presidency
  Only Harry Reid Stands with Obama on Senate Override
  CIA's Brennan 'hard to believe' senators defied Obama on Saudi bill
  Even George W Bush Was Too Cozy With Saudi Royal Family
  Saudi Arabia Needs the U.S. More Than the U.S. Needs Saudi Arabia
  Machado on Allegation She Was a Murder Accomplice: 'I'm Not a Saint Girl'
  Unconfirmed Claims Surface That Alicia Machado Also Did Some Form of Pornography
  [Video] - Donald Trump: Miss Universe Alicia Machado was 'the absolute worst'
  Machado Accused of Threatening Judge's Life After Indictment Against Her Boyfriend
  Flashback to that time CNN "Fat-Shamed" Alicia Machado
  [Video] - Cruz campaign pulls ad featuring softcore porn actress
  Representative Peter King Joins Schnitt to Discuss Congress' Override on 9/11 Bill
  [Video] - Howard Dean doubles down on talk that Trump might use cocaine
  Acne sufferers live longer, research suggests
  Bill Clinton Rape Accuser Juanita Broaddrick Drops Twitter Bomb On Chelsea
  Keith Scott WAS carrying stolen gun - and his wife filed for a restraining order
  Trump Advisers Reportedly Wringing Hands Over His Debate Performance
  Trump Advisors: We Tried to Prepare Him For Debate, But He Got Bored
  Fox News VP warns staff about using online polls
  New Debate Strategy for Donald Trump: Practice, Practice, Practice
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