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  • Welcome To The All New SchnittShow.com
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Tuesday, October 25, 2016
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Tuesday, October 25, 2016
  Alex Jones Denies Sandy Hook Ever Happened
  [Video] - Classic "Still Just a Bill" Song
  [Video] - Pelosi's Infamous "Find Out What's In It" Line
  Obamacare premiums to soar 22%
  AZ Being Hit Particularly Hard By Obamacare Premium Hikes
  Obamacare Collapsing Under Its Own Weight
  Trump: 'My employees are having a tremendous problem with Obamacare'
  Obamacare is like the 480 woman who gets fused to her couch
  Trump Blasts Obamacare At His Miami Golf Course But Misstates Employees' Coverage
  Paul Ryan says Obamacare 'blowing up' like a Samsung Galaxy Note 7
  Wikileaks: Podesta asked 'How bad is her head?'
  Wikileaks: Huma Warned: Hillary 'Still Not Perfect In Her Head'
  Hillary F. Clinton Curses Those Who Keep Her Safe
  Military K9 Expert's Story on Hillary and 'That F***ing dog"
Monday, October 24, 2016
  Welcome 94.5 WPTI in Greensboro back to the Schnitt Show family!
  Clinton Tells NC Crowd 'Anything is possible', and she would know
  From Whitewater to Benghazi: A Clinton-Scandal Primer
  [Video] - Latest Trump accuser says he hugged, kissed her without permission
  Drake Says Trump Offered $10,000 for Sex in 2006
  Timing of Jessica Drake's sexual assault allegations raise suspicion
  Trump Isn't Going To Sue His Sexual Assault Accusers, and Here's Why
  [Video] - Allred Responds to Trump Lawsuit Threat
  Waiting List Up to 5 Weeks for Google's Pixel Phone
  Kellyanne Conway and Trump Exhibit Disconnect on State of Election
  New poll shows Clinton over Trump by double-digits
  [Video] - Trump: Media Trying to Suppress Vote With 'Dark, Phony' Polls
  Trump Up 2 Points in IBD Nationwide Poll
  [Video] - Elizabeth Warren Embraces 'Nasty Women' at NH Rally
  Speaking of Indians, 'Wild Thing' Won't Be Throwing Out the World Series First Pitch
  [Video] - Police Car Gets Shot At While Pulling Someone Over
  Flashback: Clinton gets in touch with her inner five year old
  Clinton Attacks Wall Street in Public, While Her Private Position Shows Otherwise
  More Clinton Corruption as Terry McAuliffe's PAC donated to campaign of FBI official's wife
  New CNN/ORC Poll Has Clinton +4
  Jared Fogle's ex-wife sues Subway, alleging it failed to alert authorities
  Tampa and the Trump Towers That Never Were
  Wikileaks: Podesta asked 'How bad is her head?'
  [Video] - Eli Manning Denies Calling "Trump" Audible
  40% of Fans Blame NFL's Ratings Drop on National Anthem Protests

Drake Promotes Porn Company During Trump Presser
Friday, October 21, 2016
  Trump Tells NC Audience "Don't blow it on November 8th'
  Two diet drinks a day could double the risk of diabetes, study finds
  Can Diet Coke Cause Fluid Retention?
  How John Podesta's Emails Were Hacked And How To Prevent It From Happening To You
  The Chinese Love To Build "Backdoors" on Technology Devices
  Goodlatte: Clinton lawyer used laptop tied to Chinese spies
  Huawei, ZTE Banned From Selling to U.S. Government
  Day After Debate, WikiLeaks Strikes Hillary With The Most Shocking Leak of 2016
  After cyberassault KOs Amazon, Twitter, Spotify, second attack reported
  Second hack feared, after massive cyberattack knocks major websites offline
  State Dept. set to release more deleted Clinton emails
  [Video] - Man apologizes to black reporter for racial slurs said in Charleston
  Man jailed after hurling racial slurs at WBTV's Steve Crump
  Trump's Clinton 'Hates Catholics' Joke Rankles Crowd At Al Smith Dinner
  More Anti-Catholic Emails From Team Clinton
  CNN Also Feigns Outrage Over Trump Jokes at Al Smith Dinner
  [Video] - Trump and Hillary's most memorable 'jokes' at the Al Smith dinner
  [Video] - Biden Says He Wishes He Could Take Trump 'Behind the Gym'
  The Story of Willie Crain and His Human Crab Traps
  4 Predictions From Orwell's '1984' That Are Coming True Today
  FBI recovered new classified emails off Clinton's server
  3rd DDoS attack on internet under way, Dyn alerts customers
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