Tuesday March 28, 2023
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Monday, March 27, 2023
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Monday, March 27, 2023
  New Home of the Schnitt Show in Tampa Bay
  [Video] - Nashville PD Report School Shooter was Female, 'Armed With At Least Two Assault-Type Rifles and a Handgun'
  [Video] - Authorities provide an update on Covenant School shooting in Green Hills
  David Pecker met today with the Manhattan grand jury investigating Trump
  Ex-National Enquirer publisher David Pecker meets with Manhattan grand jury in Trump hush money probe
  2018:National Enquirer owner admits it buried stories for Trump
  2021: National Enquirer owner pays $187,500 for aiding Trump campaign in hush money deal
  2018: National Enquirer's surprise deal could imperil Trump
  Nashville Christian school shooter appears to be a former student, police chief says
  [Photo] - Audrey Hale, Nashville Covenant School Shooting Suspect: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
  Nashville victims identified: Kids were only 9
  The shooter was identified as Audrey Elizabeth Hale, a Nashville resident, who identified as transgender
  Audrey Hale: Former student left map and manifesto after shooting six at Nashville Christian school
  Desantis ahead of Trump in early Iowa, NH polling
Friday, March 24, 2023
  New Home of the Schnitt Show in Tampa Bay
  Biden irked by Kamala Harris not 'rising to occasion' or taking 'anything off his plate'
  [Video] - DeSantis Drops Doozy of an Answer When Asked If He Would Be Trump's VP
  Trump Ratchets Up Violent Rhetoric, Warns of 'Death and Destruction' Over Possible Charges
  Package with suspicious powder delivered to Manhattan DA's office amid Trump probe: 'Alvin, I'll kill you'
  White Powder Mailed to Manhattan DA from Orlando With Message: 'Alvin: I'm Gonna Kill You!'
  [Photo] - Trump Deletes Post That Drudge Declared an Explicit Threat to DA Alvin Bragg
  Anthony Spilotro
  Florida principal resigns after parents complain about 'pornographic' Michelangelo statue
  Second US base hit in Syria following retaliatory strikes
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  U.S. Air Defenses 'Not Fully Operational' Before Strike Killed American in Syria, Officials Say
Thursday, March 23, 2023
  New Home of the Schnitt Show in Tampa Bay
  TikTok CEO says China-based ByteDance employees still have access to some U.S. data
  While the grand jury may reconvene Thursday it may not be to talk about alleged hush money
  Manhattan DA sends scathing response to GOP's request for testimony
  Trump raises $1.5 million for presidential campaign since warning of arrest in looming NYC indictment
  [Video] - 'Preposterous!' California Democrat Shreds TikTok CEO's Claim He's Seen 'No Evidence' China Has Access to Platform Data
  Washington Post poll finds more support than oppose banning the TikTok app
  White House backs bipartisan bill that could be used to ban TikTok
  Fruit Roll-Ups legal team warns TikTok fools not to eat plastic wrapping
  TikTok ban would be 'a slap in the face' to young Democratic voters, activists warn
  Sharp partisan, generational divide in support for national Tiktok ban: poll
  Ford wants to be able to shut down your air conditioner and radio if you miss a car payment-and the car could even drive away on its
  EV batteries lack repairability leading some insurers to junk whole cars after even minor collisions
  Desantis sings a different tune on Russia
  [Video] - DeSantis brands Putin 'a war criminal' who should be 'held accountable' for Ukraine invasion
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