Friday January 27, 2023
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Friday, January 27, 2023
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Friday, January 27, 2023
  New Home of the Schnitt Show in Tampa Bay
  Memphis councilman who has viewed some video of Nichols' arrest says footage is "appalling"
  [Video] - Tyre Nichols' mother urges peaceful protest: 'I don't want us burning up our cities'
  [Video] - Release of Tyre Nichols arrest video could spark "very serious public reaction," Shelby County DA says
  [Video] - Tyre Nichols' Mom Breaks Down Giving Gut-Wrenching Account of Seeing Her Son at Hospital
  [Video] - Tyre Nichols' Mom Breaks Down Giving Gut-Wrenching Account of Seeing Her Son at Hospital
  [Video] - 'It Was THAT Bad': Memphis Chief Gives Shocking Account of Tyre Nichols Video
  [Video] - WATCH: Stunningly Brutal Full Video of Paul Pelosi Attack Released
  [Video] - More Footage From Pelosi Attack Shows Suspect Breaking Into Home with Hammer
  [Audio] - Excruciating 911 Recording Reveals Dispatcher Almost Hung Up On Paul Pelosi Before She Figured Out Coded Distress Message
  Conspiracy theories aided by Musk, Trump soar after Paul Pelosi attack
  [Photos] - Oct. 2022: Donald Trump Jr. Doubles Down on Mocking Paul Pelosi's Violent Break-in
  Oct. 2022: Jesse Watters Dismisses Paul Pelosi Attack: People Get 'Hit With Hammers Every Day'
  [Video] - Even Glenn Beck Says Paul Pelosi Video 'Dissolves All of the Crazy Rumors About This Being a Sex Fest'
  [Video] - Nancy Pelosi Speaks Out on Newly-Released Video of Attack on Husband Paul Pelosi
  Hunter Biden art dealer hails first son as 'one of the most consequential artists'
  Here's Why The GOP Is Targeting Hunter Biden's Artwork-Priced As High As $500,000-As House Panel Re-Ups Request For Info From NYC Gallery
  Iowa Republicans Literally Ignoring Trump's Phone Calls About 2024 Campaign,
  An R.N.C. Remade by Trump Backs Away From His 2024 Campaign
  UK museums shy away from using 'mummy' to describe ancient Egyptian remains: it's 'dehumanizing'
  Colorado Masterpiece Cakeshop owner loses appeal over gender transition cake
Thursday, January 26, 2023
  New Home of the Schnitt Show in Tampa Bay
  Shelby County DA Steve Mulroy provides update on Tyre Nichols Investigation
  Gas prices could reach $4 by April - 'maybe sooner': Analyst
  What we know about Tyre Nichols' death after Memphis police traffic stop
  2 Memphis Firefighters 'relieved of duty' for involvement in Tyre Nichols traffic stop
  "This was criminal." Tennessee Bureau of Investigation head says he was sickened by what he saw on video
  Paul Pelosi attack video ordered to be released by California judge
  Paul Pelosi sold Google shares prior to DOJ antitrust suit
  [Photo] - Savannah's Fabulous Fudge
  Warren Buffett's dream business is a little chocolate maker that's generated an 8,000% return for him
  Frankenmuth Fudge Kitchen
  Attorney General Merrick B. Garland Delivers Remarks on Lawsuit Against Google for Monopolizing Digital Advertising Technologies
  Hawley introduces Pelosi Act banning lawmakers from trading stocks
  National Archives asks ex-presidents and vice presidents to look for classified documents
  Disney Springs Gas Station Has More Than $2000 Stolen When Employee Falls for Telephone Scam at 3 AM
  Schiff kicks off California Senate bid
  [Audio] - Schiff gets roasted after posting TikTok video about losing committee spot: 'China is laughing at us'
  [Video] - 'We Need a Change': DeSantis Endorses Ronna McDaniel Ouster as RNC Prepares to Vote
  Facebook and Instagram to end Trump's suspension from platforms
  Pence's Classified Documents Are a New Headache for AG Merrick Garland
  Justice Department was prepared to seek warrant had Biden not consented to home search, sources say
  What Is The Average Square Footage Of A House? A Guide To House Size
  GOP leaders slam Biden Treasury for 'stonewalling' oversight probe into Hunter Biden's business dealings
  Trump suffers RNC endorsement slump with only four of 168 backing him: Report
  Bombshell Report Reveals Durham Probe Included Criminal Investigation of Trump Financial Deals After 2019 Tip From Italian Officials
  Santos lists new treasurer -- who says he doesn't work for the congressman
Wednesday, January 25, 2023
  New Home of the Schnitt Show in Tampa Bay
  JOHN STOSSEL: The costly stupidity of the recycling religion
  U.S. and Germany to send battle tanks to Ukraine
  These are the tanks Ukraine will get from the U.S. and Europe
  NATO Countries Are Giving Ukraine Hundreds Of Their Old Howitzers-and Replacing Them With South Korea's Excellent K-9
  [Video] - Biden approves sending 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine
  Germany confirms it will give tanks to Ukraine... prompting Putin's TV puppets to call for a NUKE strike on Berlin
  [Video] - Biden mislabels Ukraine as aggressor while announcing tanks to Kyiv
  [Photo] - Alabama mom of 3 'violently' sucked into plane engine was warned to stay back: NTSB
  Classified records pose conundrum stretching back to Carter
  [Video] - Pence tells ABC News in November that he didnt take any classified documents
  [Video] - Jan 12: Pence tells Kudlow he never took documents
  'The View': Alyssa Farah Griffin Ironically Remembers Mike Pence 'Put the Fear of God' in Her About Handling Classified Docs
  TikTok is China's Trojan Horse
  What TikTok does to your mental health: 'It's embarrassing we know so little'
  Sen. Josh Hawley says he'll introduce legislation to ban TikTok nationwide
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